Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To beat death, you've got to know death

So again I slacked blogging yesterday. It was for a somewhat good reason, had to find a desk, which didn't work out so well. Found one today online though, so that has been solved.

Now onto something that is better to read about.

I really think everyone needs to read this book, either via Kindle or paperback. It is amazing and a great read.

Belladonna in Hollywood (Vampire Vintage, Book 1) 

Kindle on Amazon:

Belladonna in Hollywood (Vampire Vintage, Book 1)

Paperback on Amazon:

Belladonna in Hollywood (Vampire Vintage, Book 1)

On Smashwords:

That is all I am going to post today, I am still unpacking. Blargh!

Until next time,
Eden Brains